Coronavirus has created a world of change and uncertainty.  High Calibre Consultancy has the solution for the current times. Phone 1300 205536 now or fill in 'contact us' details at the bottom of this page for your NO OBLIGATION FREE SERVICE.


Business Protection Tips

7 vital steps you can take to protect your business and emerge from the Covid 19 period as strong as humanly possible.

  1. Don't stop marketing 
  2. Ring fence your customers - take steps to communicate with your customers even if it is just to see how they are doing.
  3. Don't cut prices - add more value. Step into your customers’ shoes and ask yourself how you can add more value.
  4. Take the money - Take whatever government/bank assistance that is still available, even if you don't need it right now.
  5. Fix the holes in the bucket - All businesses have ‘holes in the bucket’ through which money falls, even in the best of times.
  6. Consider scaling up your marketing now -  There are people who still have money, competitors are opting out of marketing and marketing costs are plummeting.
  7. Prepare for the return to normal - There will be pent up demand and pent up cash when this ends. Be ready for the demand.

Tips to be in a position for growth

  1. Start to think about and question your workforce challenges. All business problems are directly attributed to any level of your workforce.
  2. Include yourself. You are a part of the workforce. What challenges are attributed to you?
  3. Understand what all of these challenges mean to you, your productivity and your profitability. Can you afford not to address these challenges? Would you like to overcome these challenges and reap the rewards?
  4. Look for ways to get on top of these challenges from within your existing organisation
  5. Look outside your organisation and see how others are doing it
  6. Develop relationships with others, ask them how and why they do what they do?
  7. Mix with supportive people
  8. Develop a learning and performance workplace culture
  9. Contact High Calibre Consultancy who offer a no obligation free service that can get you on the pathway to solving your workforce challenges

No obligation free service

High Calibre Consultancy is a member of a network of high performance workforce specialists providing organisational transformation. We do this by supporting individuals to be in control of their job performance resulting in the building of confidence and trust.

We offer a no obligation free service establishing the Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data for your organisation workforce. This is evidence represented by workplace data of an individual worker’s capability to meet their job role expectations. We do it all for you using a customised digital Workforce Risk Management Framework.

This then provides the environment where we can have a conversation with you about your workforce challenges and connect your problems with your Skills DNA Data. We can then use the Workforce Risk Management Framework to help you develop solutions that can transform your organisation.

Phone 1300205536 now or fill in the 'contact us' details at the bottom of this page for your NO OBLIGATION FREE SERVICE.