Delivering The Goods

I am about to begin my initial launch of HCC’s new service, Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data. If you are a part of that launch community this blog is for you. If you are not, you can go on the waiting list for the next launch and then read on. Click the following link to my contacts page and send me an email and let me know you want to join the list – Click Here
It is all happening. I mentioned I am partnering with the developers of Workplace Performance Skills DNA  Data which means I am a member of their partner network. I was the first partner several years ago and the number has grown. We have all had critical roles in the development of Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data.
In a phone conversation this morning with Dave, one of the developers, we were discussing what had happened at three recent handovers to businesses of their Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data. The responses from the businesses to their own data was that of empowerment and engagement – immediately empowered to think of solutions to things they were not even consciously aware were problems.
This is what we foresaw with the service and the product is delivering the goods.

Steve Greentree
High Calibre Consultancy
Managing Director