Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data

When I registered my company High Calibre Consultancy I was involved in the development of an innovative workplace learning and performance framework.
As a result of the development journey, I am now able to offer a new service helping businesses to develop positive relationships with employees and customers. This service involves establishing the Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data for every worker in your company workforce. We do it all for you.

Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data is evidence represented by workplace data of an individual worker’s capability to meet their job role expectations.
This service was developed on the back of forty years of proven successful practice by recognised authorities working constantly to empower workers with the skills, confidence and freedom to do quality work. My company is partnering with these developers.

The best way to illustrate what this means in the workplace is to compare the conventional model which I will call Status Quo with our proven ‘bottom up’ Engage and Empower worker model.
Status Quo is a ‘top down’ Controlling Model driven by schools and universities, VET qualifications, HR systems, regulation and compliance resulting in disconnected workers. This environment puts an ever tightening squeeze on profitability and is just plain hard work to manage. It is like being on a dead end road with no options but to endure the pain.

The road illustration is a fact of history as the developers chose to create a fork in the road way back in 1985. Defying conventional wisdom, proven workplace skills performance continually delivered the goods keeping this Engage and Empower model alive ready to branch out and provide 20th century solutions for you today. What was developed is now known as the world’s most advanced Customised Workplace Learning and Performance Framework.

In earlier blogs I have talked about paradigm shifts and time for change but now the time is right for the Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data.

Steve Greentree
High Calibre Consultancy
Managing Director