Paradigm Shift

High Calibre Consultancy is the result of a lifetime of work. I have had a varied career and in the course of these blogs I will most likely draw on my career experiences. So follow along and find out what I have been up to all these years.

A paradigm shift only becomes possible when there is a new paradigm in which to shift.  Don’t you agree? We trundle along happily even if things are going down-hill. Much like the old frog in the water that is slowly rising to boiling point. If we do not know there is a better way what choice do we have? In business though, it is the bottom line that has the final say. If it is going okay – status quo. If it is not then you are on the lookout for a solution to turn things around.

My wife Jenny and I re-invented ourselves over 11 years ago as a result of experiencing the big drought which affected greatly the agricultural economy upon which our work and income were based. We opened an art gallery which went better than budget and had a bright future. Then just over two years in, along came the global financial crisis that changed the business world completely. Our industry took a big nose-dive overnight but fortunately we were one of the survivors. I knew I needed to look for another accompanying income stream for business growth so jumped at the chance to help out my brother develop cloud technology with the potential to build a business of some sort. This journey has developed me to the point where I can see opportunity in most industries simply by having the means to manage business differently.

American physicist and philosopher, Thomas Khun coined the term ’paradigm shift’, way back in the early nineteen sixties. Paradigm shift best describes what High Calibre Consultancy offers. With our consultancy built around the MYSKILLmanager customised workplace learning and performance framework, we offer our clients the opportunity to break free of the conventional practices that don’t seem to offer the same hope for the future as they once did.

We find ourselves in the technological age but we cannot escape our foundations. In a business conversation just last week I found myself saying – “technology without relationship will destroy the world but technology with relationship will build the world”. Something worth pondering upon, don’t you think?

Steve Greentree
High Calibre Consultancy Managing Director